Important Dates: 2020
Hull City Council meet on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7pm.

Council will meet on date below!

Mayor & Council is Inviting you to Hull  City regular VIA Zoom Council meeting on May 27,2021 at 7:00p.m

Meeting ID: 819 639 9357

Passcode: 1905

Black History Month 2021

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The City of Hull is Celebrating Municipal Clerk week May 2-8 for Mrs. Sandy Puo.

Mayor Walton Video Address to Danielsville High School.

Mayor Walton & First Lady attend Comer Elementary School for Black History Month

Mayor Walton Talks about being the first black Mayor of Hull GA. & First Lady Read to 3rd graders about Mrs. Oprah Winfrey who inspired her to want to make a positive difference in the world.



Fire Deparment - Hull, Georgia

The Hull Volunteer Fire Department is located at 20 Daniels Street in Hull GA.  Click here for map link.

Hull Georgia Fire Department




Hull fire depart is voluntarily picking up grocery for Hull City Elderly Senior's who can not come out to the grocery stores. If you are in need of food and have no way of going to the store that is when our Fire Dep step in.